Is Your Child Born In The Zodiac Sign Of Gemini? (May 22 – June 21)

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. Is your child a Gemini? This is what the zodiac sign says about what your child’s personality will be like.

A Gemini is curious, inquisitive and they are always on the go. They have a fast mouth and are quick to come up with counterarguments when they want to get their will through. They have a great curiosity, and they are constantly looking for new adventures.

Children in the zodiac sign of the Gemini like to play with other children, but they often talk more with adults than with children of their own age. They want to be correct and if their friends do not agree, they do everything to persuade them.

Your child will certainly succeed well in school, as a Gemini has a very good memory. A good memory together with curiosity and the desire to learn everything is a perfect combination during the school years. Sometimes children who are a Gemini can be perceived as a bit cold and insensitive. These children seek intellectual stimulation rather than closeness.

Is Your Child Born In The Zodiac Sign Of Gemini? (May 22 - June 21)

How are children born in the zodiac sign of Gemini?

Children born into the zodiac sign of Gemini have a quick perception, but they may lack deep, emotional understanding. They often belong to the children who start talking early and once they talk; they do not stop.

They are intellectual and social children. These children want to understand everything, and it can often feel like they are asking thousands of questions. A nice feature of Gemini is that they often are happy. The happy and social ability is absolutely their greatest asset.

Even if a Gemini loves to talk, the subject of emotions is not something a Gemini appreciates. A Gemini often has difficulty in deeper relationships with other people. A child born in the zodiac sign of Gemini often prefers to play with several different people rather than one friend. If there are too many emotions, the Gemini is happy to withdraw.

Gemini children love movement

Geminis find it difficult to sit still and settle down. They like to be outdoors, and they enjoy being out in the park, climbing mountains, skiing, cycling, or other physical activity with a lot of movement. They are often creative and can easily come up with their own games. It is therefore often quite easy for them to find friends.

A child born to as a Gemini can sometimes be perceived as cold, as they constantly want a variation in life. They find it difficult to stay in the same place and they like to meet a lot and different people. Gemini also has a well-developed ability for satire.

They like to use this in their speech, which can make others feel alienated. Something a Gemini cannot understand – they did not mean anything bad.

Is Your Child Born In The Zodiac Sign Of Gemini? (May 22 - June 21)

The Gemini is ambivalent

The zodiac sign of Gemini reflects the dual personality of these people. A Gemini may at one point be happy and extroverted, but then suddenly introverted. They can be mysterious and in the next moment intellectual. But a Gemini is not one or the other, they are both. The shifts between the two differences are typical of Gemini and something they must learn to live with.

Their ambivalence means that they are sometimes perceived as talkative, smart, and inclusive, while they are sometimes introverted, superficial, and cold. For people around them, this duality can easily be misunderstood. But the Gemini doesn’t mean anything bad with it. Their duality can also manifest itself in explosive aggression, which can shock the outside world.

Even if children born in the zodiac sign of Gemini love to talk and meet new people, it does not mean that there is a genuine interest. They do not have the patience for long discussions and can easily change their minds.

They are constantly looking for something new and can sometimes be perceived as fleeting. It is often felt that they are turning their coats after the wind. They are often good at presenting ideas, but less good at completing things.

What does a Gemini work with?

When the child has grown up, they are happy to apply for professions with some speed and flair. They rarely like to be locked behind a desk, but if they end up there, it is because they talk a lot on the phone. A Gemini loves to talk, which means that the profession of telemarketer can suit them perfectly. All types of sales really suit a Gemini who likes to talk and convince others of their opinion.

They also have the ability to absorb a lot of broad knowledge. They rarely delve into something or become experts. They are incredibly skilled with words. A profession in the media, therefore, suits them perfectly, such as for example a journalist. In general, jobs in PR and communication can suit a Gemini well.

Advice for parents of a Gemini

Geminis are curious and inquisitive. They want to learn a lot and have a lot of questions. A good way to satisfy the child’s knowledge needs and curiosity is to read a lot to the child. Children’s books with factual content they will throw themselves over.

A slightly older child born in the sign of Gemini needs freedom to come and go. Their interest cools down quickly, and they find it difficult to take responsibility. At the same time, they must learn the importance of right and wrong.

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