Facts, Information, And Tips About Prams

It is not easy to buy a pram. There are lots of strollers, stroller brands, and stroller models and it is rare to really understand the difference between them. Below Pregnant And Parent provides you with facts and tips about prams so that you can feel confident with your decision on the day you decide which pram you should buy.

Today you can buy quality prams and accessories online: at favorable prices. You can buy prams and pram accessories at amazon.com and a wide range of other online stores, where you will find lots of offers.

Some choose to buy a pram early and others choose to wait until the baby is born. We advise you not to wait too long as it is rarely fun to go out and buy a pram with a newborn baby. In addition, it can often take several weeks before your pram gets delivered, especially if you want a certain model or color.

Strollers are available in a variety of designs and qualities. You should however not rely on it being better just because it is expensive. Prams often a pram consist of two parts: a reclining part and a sitting part. The pram is used from the time the baby is born until the baby is about 6-8 months old and has learned to sit.

The stroller is used from the time the child can sit until about 3 years of age. Feel free to get a pram where you can have a flat reclining position as it makes it easier at times when the child needs to sleep in the pram.

A combi pram is a pram that can be used both as a reclining and sitting pram. Either by changing the insert or by rebuilding the interior. A sulky pram can be used from the time the baby can sit around 6-8 months of age. The Sulky pram has a simpler construction than a real pram and is due to its minimal size in the folded position perfect to take with you in the car or on the trip.

Facts, Information And Tips About Prams

Tips before buying a pram

Unfortunately, many take it for granted that a pram sold in the UK is the same as an approved and safe pram. This is not the case and there is no independent authority that tests prams before they are released on the market. The responsibility for ensuring that a pram meets the requirements lies entirely with the manufacturer.

Test the pram carefully before you decide which pram you should have, as even though the pram is approved according to European standards, it is not certain that the pram is safe. Here are some points to keep in mind when buying a stroller:

  • There should be a head stopper on strollers that can be folded to a flat position. This is to prevent the child from slipping between the upper part of the backrest and the convertible top.
  • Make sure that a handle that is adjustable cannot come off under load.
  • Make sure that the locking device that holds the stroller or recliner in the chassis is secure and does not go up by mistake.
  • The label “EN1888” stands for European standard and if it is missing, you should be skeptical.
  • The pram should be easy to fold, but at the same time there should be a good and safe latch so that the pram does not fold up by mistake.
  • The pram should have a brake that preferably brakes two wheels at the same time.
  • If the wheels are removable, check that they are firmly attached so that they do not come loose if you drive against a curb or similar.

Also, keep in mind that the pram should be comfortable to drive and comfortable for the child to ride in. If you are tall, you should also check that the distance between the handle and the chassis is long enough so that you do not kick the pram when you walk.

Facts, Information And Tips About Prams

Used prams

New prams cost a lot, so sometimes it can be profitable to look at used prams. Just like other goods that cost a lot to buy new, there is a second-hand market for prams. If you choose to buy a new car, you can probably get a thousand bucks for it after a couple of years.

If you want a good resale value on your pram, you should keep in mind to take good care of it and that a more expensive and well-known brand means that you can get paid more when you sell it on.

If you use the pram a lot, we recommend that you buy a newer pram. But if you know that you will not have to use it that much, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from buying a cheaper pram or why not a used one.

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