List Of Names In Norse Mythology

There are many gods and characters of various kinds in Norse mythology. But who is who? Which god did what and who is the son or daughter of whom?

In the list below of names in Norse mythology, we explain who is who and what each god can do. Read our list of names in Nordic mythology.

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List Of Names In Norse Mythology

List of names in Nordic mythology

Here we list names that occur in Norse mythology.

Ask and EmblaThe first humans were created by Odin and his two brothers from two trees.
BalderThe tastiest of gods and popular in Asgård. Married to Nanna and son of Oden and Frigg.
BrageBrage was married to Idun.
BeylaServant of Frey.
BergelmerGiant and son of Trudgelmer.
BeislaGiant. Sister of Mimer.
BöggverServant of Frej.
DagSon to Natt. Day travels after the horse Skinfaxe on the heaven over the earth on the day.
DellingThe god of dawn guarding Breidablick. He is Natt´s husband and Dag’s father.
DraupnerA magic ring belonging to Odin.
Eldner Eldner was a servant of Äger.
FimafengWas a servant to Äger and was killed by Loki during a party at Äger.
FjorgynShe is the goddess of the earth, thunder, and rain and growing is her merit. Together with Oden she had a son Tor and she is also the mother of the Asa queen Frigg.
ForseteHe is Balder and Nanna’s son and has his home in the glittering Glitnir. He is the supreme judge of the gods.
FrejVanagud who lives in Alfheim. Västbarhetsgud, son of Njord and sister of Freja. Frej has servants named Böggver and Beyla.
FrejaFreja belongs to the Vanir but lives on an aesir farm and is the most beautiful of all who live there. Freja wears the big Brisingas jewelry and is the owner of a plumage you can fly with. Freja is the goddess of fertility.
FriggQueen of the Aesir, daughter of Fjorgyn and Odin’s wife. Frigg is the goddess of marriage and motherhood.
FileA dwarf
FrosteA dwarf
FullaFrigg’s maid with confidence to carry the queen’s casket and care for her footwear.
GefjonGoddess of plowing and agriculture. She is married to Odin’s son Skjold and in the land of the giants she gave birth to four sons which she turned into oxen.
GnaShe is Frigg’s messenger and the horse Hofvarpner takes her through the air and over water to convey messages between the different worlds.
GondolaOne of the Valkyries who bring fallen warriors to Valhalla.
GrymerAlso called Owner. See under Owner.
GullveigA magical giantess who does not like the Asa gods.
Heimdal (Heimdall)Heimdal is the god who is born when the women turn the handlebar to the Grotte mill. Hemimdal owns Gjallarhornet.
HelShe is the goddess of the realm of the dead. She is the daughter of Loki and the giantess Angerboda.
HermodHe is the son of Oden and Frigg and the brave messenger who rides from Asgård and the realm of the dead to negotiate with the goddess of death about Balder’s life.
HöderAesir god who is the son of Odin and blind. He accidentally kills his brother Balder with an arrow made of mistletoe.
HönerBrother of Odin and ancestor of the Vanian god family together with his brother Vile (Lodur).
IdunGoddess and owner of the golden apples that are eaten by the gods to have eternal youth. She carries the apples in a basket. Idun is married to Brage.
IvaldeAccording to Snorri’s Edda, Ivalde is a dwarf. But is described as an elf in the Our Fathers’ Godsaga.
KvaserThe most cunning and wise god was created at the peace between Aesir and Vanir. This god is the original being of mead.
LokiLoki is a cunning giant who lives in Asgård. For a long time, he was well-liked in Asgård because of his charm and good mood, before they realized that he was not to be trusted. Loki has caused a lot of problems for the Asa gods. Loki was with Tor when he was to take back his lost hammer Mjölner.
LorrideThor is sometimes called Lorride in older writings. See under Tor.
MagneSon of Thor and the giantess Järnsaxa and one of the strongest gods.
ModeSon of Thor and Sif and one of the bravest gods.
MåneSon of Night and sister of Sun.
NannaMarried to Balder with whom she has had a son Forsete.
NattMimer’s beautiful daughter who travels across the sky at night. Mother of Sol and Måne. Owner of the horse Rimfaxe.
NjordNjord is the god who loves to live on the coast by the sea where he feels winds and can fish. He is married to Skade, who, on the contrary, loves the mountains. He is the father of Frey and Freya.
The Norns – the three goddesses of fateUrd, Verdandi, and Skuld are the names of the three who sit at Yggdrasil’s roots and spin the fate of the world. Each human being is assigned his or her own destiny at birth.
OdFreja’s husband, who with his absence makes her cry tears of red gold.
OdinOdin was a god and lives in Valhall and had two ravens. Odin was married to Frigg and had two brothers, Ve and Vile. Odin was the son of Bure and Beisla and became the ancestor of the god’s god family. Odin owns the eight-legged horse Sleipner. Read more about Oden under his own section.
RanThe sea goddess and the mother of the waves. She and her husband Ägis belong to both giants’ families and together they have nine daughters who are the waves of the sea.
RindShe is chosen to give birth to Odin a son, who will one day avenge Balder’s death. They get the son Vale.
RotaOne of the valkyries that ride out on the battlefields and chooses which warriors to fall.
SagaSökkvabäck is her home and here she and Oden drink delicious drinks from golden vessels. Saga is the goddess of storytelling and stories.
SifShe has golden hair and is the most beautiful of women. She is married to Tor and they have a son Ull.
SigynShe is Loki’s wife and together they have a son called Narfe.
SkadeSkade loves the alps and the mountains, in contrast to her husband Njord who loves the beach and the sea.
SkafidA dwarf
SkuldOne of three fates (the Norns).
SkrymeA giant
SkeggjöldA valkyria
SkögulA valkyria
SivMarried to Tor.
SnotraSnotra represents judgment and elegant charisma. That is all wisdom comes from her.
SolDaughter of Natt.
TorTor is an Aesir god and “son of the earth” and son of Odin and owner of Mjölner. Tor once lost Mjölner. His mother is Fjorgyn. With his belt of strength, the Aesir god Tor gets extra power to fight against the giants to protect Asgård. With the hammer Mjölner he kills trolls and giants. He rides in a carriage pulled by bucks. Tor is married to Siv.
TyrTors half-brother. He lost a hand when Fenrisulven tore off his hand.
TrymA Tursarne giant who wants to marry Freja.
TrudgelmerTrudgelmer had three heads, he was the son of the giant Ymer and the father of Bergelmer.
Ve & VileOdin’s brothers who together with him killed the giant Ymer, created the world from his body and the first humans from two tree trunks.
VidarSon of Odin and the giantess Grid. His thick iron shoes can penetrate nothing.
VerdandeOne of three fates.
VörNo one can lie to her because she is wise and inquisitive. When promises are made, she is the one who testifies.
UrdOne of three fates.
YmerThe ancient giant that grew out of Hvergelmer’s droplets.
ÄgerIs also called Grymer. Äger had two servants named Fimafeng and Eldner.
ÄgirHusband to the sea goddess Rans.

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